Keynote Panelists

Contemporary Issues in Drug Testing and Doping Control -- Court of Arbitration for Sport Experiences and the current ADR process

Richard McLaren, HBA, LLB, LLM, C. Arb.
Professor, Faculty of Law
The University of Western Ontario
Counsel - McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP
Court of Arbitration for Sport arbitrator -- Ad Hoc Division for the Olympic Games arbitrator



Private Sport Associations -- NCAA Structure, Policy, Process, Enforcement - Globalization of College Sport

Josephine (Jo) R. Potuto
Richard H. Larson Professor of Constitutional Law
Faculty Athletics Representative
College of Law, University of Nebraska Lincoln
National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Committee of Infractions Past Chair



International Sport Labor Summit -- NBPA (W. Hunter), UBE (W. Palmer), GIBA (Giuseppe Cassi), ABP (Jose Luis Llorente), SNB (Jeff Reymond) et al.(pending)

Athletes' Unions representation, Collective Bargaining, Negotiation issues, Recent developments in League structure and financing, Clubs stability and insolvency, Contemporary problems in player contracts, Insurance, Retirement, Benefits, Best practices and guidelines for prudent athlete representation and player agent practice



Gender Issues in Sport Summit -- Learning from Caster Semenya, Santhi Soundarajan, Kristen Worley, Dr. Myron Genel, et al. (Kristen WorleySanthi Soundarajan, Dr. Payoshni Mitra, Dr. Myron Genel, et al. pending video conference finalisation)

Gender identification, intersex types, inclusion, discrimination, gender testing science and health, legal and policy impact, and future directions

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